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The business and health care press is bombarded daily with news releases touting a variety of interesting bits of news from literally thousands of organizations. The trick to garnering the media attention your company deserves is to identify real news, and tell your story succinctly. The media wants to know the news value of the information you are disseminating - how is this potentially going to impact or help their readership, viewers, or listening audience. Peggy C. Frank, CEO of Frank PR has more than two and a half decades of expertise working with an international corps of journalists. Journalists respect the press releases that come from Frank PR because they can count on receiving only solid, content specific, and valuable news for their targeted audiences. Our credibility serves your organization and helps further its mission.

Case Study

Background: A new application service provider (ASP) has a truly unique solution for linking medical groups with health plans - an essential need in today's competitive health care arena.

Problem: The ASP is new to the marketplace and has struck a deal with a major player, but the media really perceives it as an "also ran," a late entry. The ASP does have characteristics that make it better then the competition - how do we get the media's interest that is so important in helping establish the ASP as a new contender in this hot marketplace?

Solution: Frank PR pitched the story to the Wall Street Journal as a real-life, value-added demonstration of a product implementation that impacts thousands of consumers receiving coverage from the health plan, whose relationship with the medical group was a risk of being severed due to the medical group's unhappiness with the health plan. The medical group was actually threatening to leave the health plan, end their contract, until the medical group received this incredible software solution, and solved the problems with the health plan. The Wall Street Journal article was impressive, and perfectly incorporated the key message points of the ASP. More importantly, instead of the client telling its story, two other entities, the health plan and the medical group, touted the excellence of the client's product. This lead to immediate inquires from other interest parties, and increased business.

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