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Frank PR works with companies in the early stages of their lifecycles to build and develop an identity.

Frank PR provides a specific focus on the vital elements that define what a company is, what it does, and how it does it. Clear, concise, and effectively crafted message points used consistently, form the basis of a communication program to leverage the brand, and forward the value proposition of the company.

Case Study

Frank PR has been helping E-Healthcare companies since e-care's early entrance in the marketplace. e-Healthcare and e-care refer to a new generation of health improvement and disease management products and services that use the Web and other electronic interactive communication tools - wired, wireless, and digital technology-- as strategy and tactics for revolutionizing all aspect of health and medical communications, communities, commerce, and care delivery.

Background: A veteran health care expert wanted to become a globally accepted e-healthcare expert. E-healthcare is aimed at empowering customers and patients, improving outcomes, and providing hospitals, insurance plans, and medical practices with e-commerce (electronic commerce) tools that will improve operational efficiencies and e-care technologies that will connect doctors and their patients. A new book he authored on e-Healthcare was about to be published, but little promotional assistance from the publisher was available.

Challenge: How to gain interest for the book, and increase his consulting business and opportunities for global speaking engagements?

Solution: A well-defined communications plan, which included all facets of the business, health care press, both online and offline, and web-based promotion, was launched. A brand specific to his accomplishment was developed and is used every time his name is said, or written. It distinguishes him from the competition. It has become his "calling card." He received much attention from the health care and business press. He caught the attention of a Wall Street Investment Banking house, where he provided the basis for an e-Healthcare White Paper analysis which was widely distributed to their clients. He has been invited to many parts of the world to share his e-healthcare knowledge, and based on the success of his book and the two-year image campaign; he is about to publish a second book.

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