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Frank PR Works as a Liaison Between the Client and the Financial Press.

Whether the company is currently privately held, has its sights on an IPO in the near future, or is publicly traded, an integrated communications program aimed at investors, analysts, trade associations, and the investment and financial press, is crucial to the continued positioning of the company. It is the key to help indelibly frame the organization's competitive position, drive share price, growth potential, strategy, operations, financials, and management of the organization in the various stakeholders' minds. A consistent appeal for the company's product is ensured through the telling and retelling of the organization's investment appeal.

Case Study

Background: A privately held biotechnology company has a new product for children with a rare disease.

Problem: Garnering attention for a product not yet FDA approved in order to interest potential investors.

Solution: Implement a media relations program that carefully avoids unfound claims or other declarations specifically prohibited by FDA regulations. An excellent article by the Associate Press (AP) resulted in more than 100 media hits in a single day, including a favorable mention on ABC-TV World News Tonight program. As a result, the company gained incredible notoriety and interest from venture capitalists, and other financial concerns.

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