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Media Training / Spokesperson Training

Media Training
Gaining an opportunity to tell your story to the media is invaluable. Unfortunately, many spokespersons are ill equipped to deliver the main message points pertinent to the company's objectives for a given interview opportunity. For this reason, Frank PR prides itself on helping clients easily embrace the few major guidelines that guarantee a successful interview nearly every time. Although you can never ensure what the media will take from your discussion, you can guarantee that the reporter only receives the information you want them to have - and you do this by adhering to your three message points, and builds on these points. The media cannot attribute something said by your company's spokesperson if they do not say it.

Spokesperson Training
Refining our verbal interactions so that we say only what we need to and what to have repeated, and etched into the mind's of our stakeholders is no easy task. Frank PR is seasoned in providing an easy method to learn how to focus on the vital few message points deemed most important to each specific presentation and interaction with stakeholders

Meetings and Road Shows
Taking your message on the road to make your brand known to potential venture capitalists, bankers, analysts, fellow scientists, and health care thought-leaders is an essential component to a successful investor relation's strategy. Your company needs to be seen and heard by the right people, at specifically targeted national and international conferences. Frank PR helps its clients identify and create opportunities, including "investor day" events, targeted meetings timed to coincide with conferences in a particular city so as to make the best use of the company's spokespersons' vital time and resources, and media interviews.

Power Point Presentations
Ensuring that your presentations are substantive, value-added, and leave the audience with a clear and compelling snapshot of your organization, is vital to propelling your organizations' ranking high with stakeholders. Each presentation should be tailored to fit the specific audience, respecting that each group of your stakeholders has unique needs and expectations from you. Your organization may have only one opportunity for impactful messaging - make it count.

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