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June 2006
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Defining PR: "When the circus comes to town and you paint a sign about it, that's advertising. Put the sign on the back of an elephant, and march it through town, that's promotion. If the elephant walks through the mayor's flower bed, that's publicity. And, if you can get the mayor to comment about it, that's public relations. Finally, if there is an exchange of money for the right to see the circus, then that's sales." I have quoted PR guru Lee Solters, one of the most respected PR men in our country.

June 2006
Getting from Good to GREAT PR
Should you be "spring cleaning" your PR department?
Do you know how well your organization is currently communicating with all its major internal and external strategic publics to provide key messages, timely, responsive, and persuasive advocacy that successfully influences public opinion, and changes consumer behavior to favorable results?

If the answer is maybe, or no, read on!
Stop and think about it. Every spring we take a good look around us and see what might need sprucing up. Is now a good time to examine your PR department, its leaders, its lieutenants, and its plan of action? If you believe that "Good is the Enemy of Great," as Jim Collins writes in his bestseller, Good to Great, why not take some time now to assess if your PR leadership is merely good or great?

A great top-level public relations department serves as the caretaker and the champion of the reputation and image of the organization it serves. Who's at the helm leading this objective?

Who's at the Helm? Examine Core Competencies!
Do you know the profile of a highly successful public relations leader? Here's a portfolio of attributes derived from a study conducted by NY-based executive search firm Heyman Associates, 10 Patterns of Success in Public Relations.

Profile of a highly successful public relations leader:
  • An outstanding performance record marked by individual achievements and continued high performance over time, linked to group and organizational goals.
  • A diverse set of experiences encompassing different types of organizations, projects, issues, skills, people and even cultures. Diverse experiences build knowledge and skills that may lead to wisdom and excellence in practice.
  • A multidimensional set of communication skills that work effectively at the technical, strategic, interpersonal and persuasion/advocacy levels.
  • The ability to develop and nurture internal and external relationships. Professionals with dense networks of relationships appear to have greater influence in decision making and better opportunities for advancement.
  • A proactive nature that includes high energy, initiative and the willingness to take risks and engage passionately in the complex work of helping organizations do the right thing.
  • A set of positive intangibles reflected in strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills.
  • A commitment to furthering understanding at the highest levels of the role and value of strategic and ethical public relations.
  • The ability to balance complex roles, conflicting demands, and relationships with diverse publics and tensions among individual organizational and societal needs.
Do you recognize your PR leadership here?
If not, now is a good time to sit down with your leadership and address these key areas. Find out how you can become better partners with your PR team, and identify tangible ways that PR and key management representatives can work together to achieve great PR results. It does take collaboration, it does take mutual understanding of the organization's business objectives, and it does take time, respect, and commitment. A great PR department is achievable and should be in place before it's time for next year's spring cleaning.

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