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Frank PR believes that an effective Press Kit is a dynamic calling card -- a substantive snapshot of what makes your company truly unique and poised for unlimited growth potential and success.

Carefully identifying the company's unique selling points, developing and incorporating the sharp message points which capture the company's brand, and weaving them together in a simple and professionally written format is a pivotal communications tool for an organization. A press kit with essential elements, including company background, fact sheets, biographies, backgrounders of the various products and or services, is the "calling card" expected by an organization's stakeholders. It should be updated regularly and available in both an offline and e-press kit pdf file. A frequent press release distribution schedule should be identified based on corporate milestones and developments, and executed to keep the company name in front of the public.

Case Study

Background: Cedars-Sinai's breakthrough research capabilities were overshadowed by a major university-based medical facility located nearby. Cedars- Sinai was more notable for treating celebrities at the hospital, than for its accomplishments and stature in the scientific community.

Problem: Because the competitor was linked to a University, the media perceived that their work was more important and more deserving of media coverage. How does Cedars-Sinai capture the media attention it richly deserved?

Solution: Extensive press kits were crafted about six different research projects and pitched to CBS-TV morning news as "The Real Stars of Cedars-Sinai are its Researchers and their Research." The five-minute story aired both nationally and globally through CBS's relationship with CNN. It resulted in CBS's 60 Minutes doing their own story on one of the research stories highlighted on the morning news show.

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